Collaborative TAI conference paper available

The summary of the paper ‘Developing a Framework for the Study of Performing Arts Programs for Other-than-artistic Purposes in Conflict Settings’ presented at the SIMM-Posium 4: Bogotá (26-27 July 2019) is now available at .

This paper discusses the process of developing a new framework combining ideas from Community Music (Howell, 2018), Social Psychology (Pettigrew, 1998; Odena, 2018) and Peace Studies (Cabedo-Mas, 2015), aimed at providing a tool for researchers wishing to systematically examine Performing Arts programs for other-than-artistic purposes in conflict settings.

The framework could also be a tool for organizers and practitioners wishing to reflect on their work and to position it within the wider conflict recovery context. The process of framework development is ongoing, and is part of the activities of The Arts of Inclusion network, including members from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the UK.

The network’s activities are being supported internationally by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and in Scotland by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2019-2021), informed by an international Advisory group.

The second part of the paper shares the network’s future activities and selected aspects of a recent doctorate by one of its members (Rodríguez-Sánchez, 2019). Once the framework is developed, we will consider its illuminating potential within the intercultural, political and socioeconomic complexity of conflict settings.