TAI member Lukas Pairon presents 5th SIMM-posium from January to March 2021

Every year since 2015, the international research platform SIMM (Social Impact of Music Making) has brought together experts from the fields of musical practice and research. After Brussels and Ghent, London, Porto and Bogota, the annual SIMM-posium returns to Belgium this winter, hosted by BOZAR. From 12 January to 9 March, weekly online sessions will bring together some of the world’s leading specialists to explore themes that combine music and activism. They will address issues such as “music in detention”, “social music projects in the Global South”, and “intercultural social music projects”. At a time when the coronavirus crisis has plunged our societies into a cycle of isolation, whose harmful effects are becoming increasingly clear, this series of discussions on artistic citizenship and the collective impact of music reminds us of the predominant role of art and culture in the development of social cohesion and social work. Info: www.simm-platform.eu