The Arts of Inclusion (TAI) project first Advisory meeting - 27 March, 2019

The first TAI (The Arts of Inclusion) project Advisory meeting was held March 27th, 3-4 pm UK time at the School of Education, University of Glasgow. Locally-based Advisory members attended face-to-face and international members joined in by videoconference.

Some members were in opposite time zones and it was not feasible for all to Skype-in; the second Advisory meeting will be in the morning to allow everybody to contribute.

Two Erasmus visiting researchers from Sweden and Spain who were being hosted by TAI’s Principal Investigator that week attended as observers: Dr Emilia Campayo, from Universitat Jaume I, Spain, and Dr Daniel Mateos-Moreno, from Karlstad University, Sweden.

TAI Advisory members were updated on activities since the project start on February 1st, 2019, including contract processes and the submission of a co-authored paper on the TAI project for presentation at the 4th Social Impact of Making Music (SIMM) Symposium in Bogota, 26-27 July, 2019.

The next steps were discussed, including to undertake a literature review of programmes/projects and policies, initially in Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil and to start preparing an edited book proposal.

Advisory members reported on future timeline and activities, outlining the need to:

  1. consider the meaning of ‘conflict’ and ‘arts’ from the outset;
  2. use the mapping exercise to find out where, why and with whom the NGOs and projects reviewed work with, and use this exercise to refine TAI direction and focus;
  3. keep the TAI network broadly defined and open; and
  4. inform the Advisory members of TAI activities in advance, in case they had their own means to join, for example around the 4th SIMM in Colombia.

The meeting was a good opportunity for Advisory members to meet with the project Co-Investigators and Principal Investigator in advance of the initial TAI workshop planned for July 2019 in Bogota.